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One stop solution for Office setup on PC/MAC with Office.com/setup

Microsoft Office is a collection of business-oriented applications, services and products that is widely famous among corporate individuals for its multi-tasking features and efficiency in automating the office work. Most of the time office applications are used to create documents, prepare presentations, and record-keeping of confidential data and calculations. If used properly, Office productivity suites can be useful for many functions such as database management and inventory management while taking care of other similar stuff too. You can subscribe MS Office suites at www.office.com/setup.

Here are some of the widely popular Office applications

Every application is uniquely designed and serves different purposes which make it an all-weather project-oriented tool that fits into software side of the work being done in organizations and business alike. The blend of office applications includes:

  • MS Office Word
  • MS Office Excel
  • MS Office PowerPoint
  • MS Office Access
  • MS Office Project
  • MS Office Outlook
  • MS Office Visio
  • MS Office Skype for Business
  • MS Office OneDrive
  • MS Office Publisher

Therefore, if Office productivity suites i.e. office.com/setup can really boost the overall performance of the employees, then the only question left is if we can deploy this great tool in business establishments as quickly and effortlessly as installing it in an individual PC.

Migrating business to MS Office

If you are a newcomer in the digital realm of business community, you might find it a bit difficult task but with the rapid expansion of digitization in the business world, everyone is keen to have the opportunity to work on Office applications. So, purchasing and installing Office suite in your business establishment is easy. You can purchase your Office subscription via office.com/setup and get it delivered in every workstation within a couple of minutes, depending on the performance of your computers and the speed of the internet.

Make sure to enroll in Automatic Renewal Service to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of Office application on your computers, even when the services are expired. You can also subscribe to Office 365 suite to experience cloud-network services which enable you to connect with friends and colleagues while sharing and collaboration of work would be possible on your fingertip.

Once you download the package on your computer, the work will become easy and you can focus on leading your business goals in the right direction to attain profitable outcomes in the projected timeline.

Prerequisites to install Office setup to get started with office.com/setup

  • Make sure to have latest updates of OS and Web browser installed on your computer
  • Make sure to have your computer meet all the system requirements
  • Make sure that your system has no conflicting programs remains installed
  • No junk files should be kept in the temporary folder prior to the installation process
  • Make sure to purchase a valid subscription
  • Make sure to have a valid product activation key
  • Make sure to have uninterrupted internet connectivity

Get the support through office.com/setup on your Office setup issues

  • Redeem and install your Office retail card
  • Diagnose and repair compatibility issues
  • Diagnose, detect and troubleshoot issues that occur while performing installation of office setup
  • Get complete guidance on how to purchase, download, access, setup, use, renew and remove MS Office products and applications
  • Get the help in creating account and restoration
  • Enables you to optimize the computer systems for better integration of office applications and improved speed
  • Get to know how to scan, detect and trouble viruses, malware and other cyber threats
  • Update your Office products
  • Get latest news and notifications on your Microsoft account

How to setup Office products via www.office.com/setup?

A quicker and trustworthy guide to help you download and install MS Office setup:

  1. Go to the Office.com/setup page by typing the same in your web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge, etc.
  2. Log in your personal Microsoft account by entering your username and password that you used while creating the account
  3. In case, this is your first attempt to download and install Office products and you don’t have an existing office account, you must go to the “Sign in“ and fill the form to create a new account and then log in.
  4. Once you regain access to your Microsoft account, go to your subscribed Office products and select it
  5. Enter the product key that you redeemed from your registered email ID
  6. Press the “Download” button to launch the downloading process
  7. Depending on your web browser, you can either choose to click on “Run” to directly initiate the installation process, or you can choose to “Save” the executable file.
  8. If you save the file, then you need to visit the “Downloads” folder to locate the file and double-click on it to launch the installation process.
  9. Once the installation Wizard pops-up on your screen, click “next” to proceed further
  10. Carefully examine the end-user license agreement and click on “I agree and install“ which means you accepted the terms and conditions and now you can proceed to the next step.
  11. Complete the rest of the instructions visible on screen
  12. Wait for the installation progress bar to complete the cycle
  13. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the office setup via office.com/setup

Steps to activate Office setup

  1. Go to the desktop of your computer and double-click on MS office icon to initiate the activation process
  2. Login to your Microsoft account
  3. Enter the product key
  4. Now, click on “Activate Now” button and follow the rest of the on-screen procedure
  5. Once the process is completed, you can get started with your Office productivity suite

In the end,

To conclude my thoughts on the subject, I would recommend you to purchase the Office setup product key from a certified retail shop or if you are purchasing the products online, then you should opt for the official website of Microsoft – Office.com/setup.

If you find any difficulty while following the above steps, you can always contact Microsoft Customer Support Services for technical support.