Guide to access your Office account

The moment you visit the official homepage by clicking on its official URL that goes by you will see different options present on its taskbar. One of these promising options is known as “Office My Account”. You can easily manage your Office account and it is a platform where you can do everything related to your account. To access this tab you first have to register yourself at and create your Office account.

Without creating an account, you will not be able to “Get Started” with Office products and its services. If you are having this account, you can access the Office applications and its respective services.

Here, you will learn the basics for Office login to MyAccount along with the steps to access your Office account. If you are having any other query to be asked then it is suggested to visit In case, you are already a member and you were lately being associated with Office then you can simply log in using the credentials. If you are new to the Office setup process, then you first need to create an Office account and then access its services and products.


Now, that you know valuable things about Office My account, you can start using its functions and do anything that is related to the account. For more information about the Office account, you can visit, where you can get the Customer Support assistant to assist and resolve your Office subscription-related issues within no time.