How to work with Office’s latest innovations on the Web?

Nowadays, the internet has become the most important platform for Office applications and how Microsoft serves the customer. It is our belief that the Office is more than we operate on our desktops. There is a long way to go with our web solution and we are continuously working with Web office applications and making sure you get the best productive and creative experiences.

The website of Office application is customer-driven and the web is uniquely eligible to address certain situational needs and also allows the users to be quicker to use Office applications with ease. In this article, you will get to learn what the latest innovations of Office applications on the Web and how you can use them.

  1. Ideas: The Ideas will help users to be quick in finding a prominent way of presenting the information. In Excel, it is in the form of data represented in the form of cells and tables for the purpose of further investigations. In the Powerpoint app, the idea of an individual is represented on a slide with pictures and bullet points. The web makes this intelligence to make such capabilities even way more advance.
  2. New collaboration capabilities: There are humongous collaboration capabilities on all the web-oriented platforms. The users are working more efficiently with @mentions in the comments to pick someone with the exact location. Other features on Office such as “While you were away” and “Version History” makes difference for users to learn and manage the changes to a document over a time span.
  3. Office start experience: The latest innovation shows the latest designs of and changes made over the period of time. The experience gave a powerful way to get started with Office applications over the Web. Earlier, the office app was established quickly with the help of web apps so that the web continues to boost this experience.
  4. Simplified Ribbon: This innovation has helped the people to use Office in a way that works best for them. For the people, who want to have a modernized view for feature menus, this will create a more concerned set of commands that are based on a person’s efficiency for them. However, you can still choose the Traditional ribbon depending upon your preference. The web has created this and made it easy to design and develop this latest capability and make Office a better experience for every other person.

To wrap up:

These latest Office innovations will make a way to desktop and mobile apps. The Office is committed to fetch amazing experiences for web platforms. It is believed that having a first experience on all the platforms is an initiative to enhance the productivity of the Office products and services over the web platforms. You can visit the official website of Microsoft Office via for more information on this topic.